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Laser Surgery

Your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you. We are pleased to offer laser surgery as an exciting new option for safe, comfortable, alternative surgical procedures.

Why laser surgery?

What does this mean for my pet?

Are lasers new?
No. Laser technology has been proven to work for more than 20 years – physicians have used lasers to help many thousands of people. We are pleased to be the first veterinary practice in Wyoming to offer laser surgery specifically for animals.

What types of procedures can a laser perform?
A laser is ideal for a wide variety of surgical procedures for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. Laser surgery can correct many common conditions such as cysts, tumors, warts, and infections that may occur around the eyes, ears, in the mouth, and anywhere on the skin. Specialized internal procedures are also possible as well as oral surgery and dewclaw in cats which were previously so painful.

What is a laser?
A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of light at a specific wavelength.

How does a laser work?
We use a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, the most widely used type of medical laser in the world. CO2 lasers produce an invisible beam that vaporizes the water normally found in the skin and other soft tissue. Because the laser beam can be precisely controlled, it removes or “cuts” only a thin layer of tissue at one time, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. This level of control allows your veterinarian to be extremely precise in every laser surgical procedure.

Is Laser Surgery more costly?
Yes, due to the high cost of the laser unit and the training involved, there is an increased fee of $25 – 125 for laser surgery, depending on the procedure.

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